Jacob Chobham

A young and tenacious human fighter


Jacob Chobham is the sole child of a blacksmith who used to be an adventurer and while he was never famous, he did do quite well from his adventures.

Jacob had always looked up to his father, which is why he chose to follow in his fathers footsteps.

His mother did not want him to follow his fathers early career, however his father secretly gave him his old chainmail and his trusty mace, a few coins and some sound advice on how to get started. That was 2 years ago (Jacob is 14).

A few months after leaving home he came across several people fighting goblins on a trail, when he saw them he ran in, flail swinging, to help and between them all they managed to defeat the goblins.

He had impressed them so much, showing such potential at a young age that they asked him to join them and he has travelled with them ever since.

Jacob Chobham

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