Railor Thurgrey

A young and dedicated human cleric of St Cuthbert.


Level 2
STR: 15 DEX: 11 CON: 11 INT: 12 WIS: 18 CHA: 16
AC: 18 Touch: 10 FlatFooted: 18
HP: 16
Fortitude: +3 Reflex:0 Will: +7

Heavy Mace: 3 1D82
Light Crossbow: 0 1D8
CMB: +3 CMD: 13

Heal: +10 Knowledge Arcana: +5 Knowledge Religion: +6 Sense Motive: +8
Spellcraft: +5

Extra Channel, Selective Channel

Channel Energy, Spontaneous Casting, Destruction Domain, Strength Domain

Common, Goblin

Osirions: Light, Detect Magic, Guidance, Resistance
Lvl 1 : Bless, Doom, Cause Fear, Enlarge Person


Railor looks older than his 23 years, partly due to his distinct lack of hair and brown eyes. A devout cleric of St Cuthbert, Railor has been spreading St Cuthbert’ preachings around ulek these past three years. That is of course until he fell in with a strange crowd promising him adventure beyond his wildest dreams.

Railor Thurgrey

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