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The shovel clanged against rock, and its wielder snarled in frustration. He shook his brown, furry hands and squinted up into the rain.
“Dig!” a clear voice came from above. “Dig, damn you or I’ll have you flayed alive!”
Deep in the pit, the varag warrior couldn’t see the speaker, but he knew the smooth-skinned, silk-clothed fool too well.
Clang! Another stone. After throwing down his shovel, the varag took a pull from his wineskin. Time for a break he thought.
A green orb shot out of the darkness above, knocking the wineskin out of the varag’s grasp. Snarling in pain and rage, the warrior held his burned hand and watched the wineskin disintegrate in a green pool. Looking up he saw the smooth-skinned spellcaster, and he grabbed his shovel and gripped it, as if it were an axe.
And then he saw the eyes. Those eyes …….
The varag turned back to the mud and the rock. He began to dig again.


The previous few weeks have been hard and the persistent rain and storms have not helped, as you find yourself travelling from village to town, looking for work. It used to be that people everywhere needed adventurers to help protect them from the monsters lurking on the edges of civilisation. Though everywhere in the County of Ulek these days seems at peace as the brave paladins of Heironeous have dispatched all evil to the seven hells. It is with hope that you leave the sprawling city of Kewlbanks, crossing the Kewl River and heading into the Duchy of Ulek. Rumours abound that this land is not as well protected as the lands you leave and perhaps here you may seek fame, fortune or even enlightenment.

Arise The Forgotten King

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